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This last weekend I hosted my sixth holistic fair, the second one this year, and the first ever in the month of October.  Over the course of the last five years the fair held in May has had only one weather mishap — light rain.  Other than that, the weather has always been really good and very accommodating.  I say accommodating because I do my best to connect with the forces of nature and express my desire to serve the Highest Good with the events that I hold.  I know that the expansion of consciousness, the exposure to new ways of thinking, new modalities of healing, and new expressions of creative energy all aid the Highest Good, and that is what my One Spirit Festival is all about.
So, with that in mind I set my intention yearly for lovely weather on each of the festival days.  This year the weatherman was not on board.  Last week he predicted a 70% chance of rain all day in our little corner of the world, Clinton, New Jersey.  And it was going to be cold.  We had a pretty potent prayer chain set-up, all of the over forty exhibitors, many of whom are metaphysical practitioners, their families, and many of those who planned to attend.  By mid-week the prediction was down to a 50% chance of rain — we were gaining ground!

Then came Friday morning and the weatherman, who was not part of our prayer chain, bumped the probability up to 80%.  We prayed harder and I called all my outdoor vendors and made sure everyone had a tent.  Two friends lent extra tents and we were covered, but not delighted to need them.

Then came Sunday.  Mr. Weatherman said the rain would start after 10 a.m., so everyone had a clear shot at setting up without the added complication of rain and mud and wet leaves.  Ten a.m. came and went and there was no rain.  There was no rain at all until 7 p.m. and then it was light and did not interfere with the final stages of packing up and going home.  It was a successful day.

I will not again doubt the power of focused thought.  Maybe we didn’t get balmy, but we didn’t get the 7″ of snow we had last year at this time, and we didn’t get the projected downpours the areas around us got this year.  I am so very grateful that we got “dry!”

And I do believe the Highest Good was served in many ways, not the lest of which was the way the weather worked out.  It was a lesson for all of us — a lesson in faith and a lesson in focused thought.

May all your lessons be as positive!


P.S. The website for the event is this: http://www.OneSpiritFestival.org, just copy and paste to see what we were up to!

One Spirit Festival Fall 2012


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Time to Just Be

Making unscheduled, non-productive time for myself is SO HARD!  I need time to just be, time not to have an agenda, time to think, to muse, to dream.  I realize as I have moved through my life that I have fallen prey to the Work Ethic Syndrome — I tend to think that I must be busy all the time.  And I am.  My plate is overflowing , and I suppose I like it that way.

Perhaps it is that way for many of us creative types.  If we are not doing our 9 to 5, in whatever format that may be, we are writing, plotting, doing research, creating.  Lately, I have taken up sewing once more: I really missed the tactile aspect of creation with fabric.  I used to say that I closed my business of many years, CoCo:Chenille, but now I say I put her in hibernation.  About two months ago I decided to bring her out and breathe new life into her.  I now have a studio in my home dedicated to CoCo and the creation of new items from recycled materials, and I love it, but obviously I have taken on even more, filled my plate higher.  There is absolutely no escape now!  Wherever I turn there are piles of work to be cut, to be sewn, repairs to be made, or products to be photographed.  How can I take time for myself with all those piles facing me?

And yet, within the work itself there are moments when I can dream.  If I am making a batch of guest towels, my hands move by rote, guiding the fabric through the machine in familiar pathways, so I have time to dream, to be.  I suppose I have to think about my musing time a bit differently than before; I have to think outside of whatever box I have created for myself.  Perhaps I can only dream and be a few minutes at a time, but I do have those moments — I am not as deprived as I thought I was.

For me, the creative process is renewing, invigorating, and endlessly challenging.  In the words of Anne LaMott, I am “filling my vessel” even though I am working hard.  That is a reviving thought!  I do get a great deal of joy from making hats and accessories from recycled sweaters, from using old chenille bedspreads to make darling bed jackets, and from stretching my faculties to the creation point.  And that joy fills me and spills over to other aspects of my life.

Perhaps I already have time to be, I simply didn’t recognize it.  I hope you find your vessel as full as it can be!


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In the metaphysical community there is a saying that every relationship is a mirror of something that begs for change within yourself.  I tend to think that some of these mirrors are simply other people’s stuff radiating out into the world, so I try to look at the issue for relevance to my life and then move beyond it if it has no bearing on me.  If it hits the mark, I choose to examine the issue and change my reactions and behaviors, as most of us do.

I faced a mirror last week when I found myself in the company of someone I knew while growing up and with whom I had not spent more than a couple of hours at a time two or three times over the last twenty years.  For me, attitude shapes daily life.  I acknowledge the power of the spoken word and I do my best to look at everything in terms of opportunity rather than limitation.  I have worked hard to achieve this perspective, much of that time by looking into my own mirror to see what I was creating with my words.  It was a shock to my senses to be around someone for several days who had no hint of the pain they were projecting through their sarcasm and negativity.  I knew if I suggested a different approach I would create even more disharmony in the situation, so I found myself constantly biting my tongue and issuing a silent prayer for healing.  It was a very uncomfortable time.

As I look back and see the evidence of suppressed pain, I see that the atmosphere in which this person was raised had much to do with their outlook.  People tell me all the time that they are a product of their environment, of the programming instilled by their parents, by their circumstances, by this and by that.  In my life, I have chosen to move beyond that programming, I have chosen to expose myself to a variety of ideas and cultures that have broadened my perspective.

And I have succeeded to some degree.  I am delighted that there are still more ways in which I can change and grow, more choices to face each day.  I am delighted that I have the ability to choose to forgive and release the pain, even if it was only in my own head.  I have chosen to move beyond the pain and the limitation of events and prior programming.  I also made the choice to surround myself with like-minded people, those who have been willing to examine their belief systems and alter them for their own peace of mind.

Life is a process, a journey, a work in progress.  It is my hope that we each will consciously engage in the creation of our personal journey!



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For the next week I will be attending the annual conference of the American Society of Dowsers in Vermont and I am so excited!  In addition to the fact that I will be presenting a workshop at this prestigious national venue, there are two speakers that I am thrilled to be able to hear AND I will be, by choice, unplugged!  No email!  No computer for a week!  YEAH!

I don’t know if you remember what it was like when you didn’t “have to” check your email at least once a day?  Do you remember what it was like to pick up the phone, dial, and actually hear a human voice – without all the breaking up that comes with some internet phone service providers?  There is so much nuance available through sound and we have lost it when we communicate with our fingers and thumbs only.  A manipulated colon and parenthesis smiley face just do not have the same effect.

I know that there will be consequences for me — plenty of SPAM to delete, emails to answers, websites to update, newsletters to publish, forms to create — but it will be worth it to have the respite.  I once had a cabin in the mountains with very few amenities and it was such a delight!  The ability to rest and rejuvenate in the natural world was very precious.  In addition, there was no electricity.  It is hard to fully relate the calmness that pervaded the atmosphere when there was no electrical energy zinging through the air.  It was so very special.  And so rare in our plugged-in lives.

I hope that someday you will get to experience the peace that is available when you have no electricity – by choice!  And I hope that you may consider taking, at the very least, a day once in a while to rest and rejuvenate and be unplugged.



P.S. Here is the link to the ASD website if you would like to know more about this special organization.  Dowsers.org

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I love spring!  I love the myriad colors after the drab days of the winter season, I love the renewal of life, I love the birds, particularly the cardinal, that sing me awake each morning.  I love the hustle and bustle of the natural world awakening from a time of slumber and hibernation, and I love the sunshine.

I saw a poll recently that indicated over 70% of the population named spring as their favorite season.  I had no idea I was in such good company!  This is one time when it doesn’t hurt a bit to be part of the majority, for springtime is apparently treasured by nearly all.

I am a gardener.  I am an avid gardener, although I am not a perfect gardener.  I love the careless bounty of nature, and even if I don’t have time to nurture my garden as much as I would like, as in the last year when I have been healing from a broken ankle, I still love the exuberance of all that green.  I believe it was Emerson who said, “A weed is a plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered.”

When I first began the garden in front of my home I had a particular color scheme in mind to compliment its ancient wisteria with its beautiful purple cascading racemes.  I planted only purple and blue flowers with occasional accents of white and yellow.  Then I noticed the house across the street and its lively display of just about anything that would come up untended each spring.  As a result, I have added snowdrops, crocuses, several kinds of daffodils, many colors of tulips, one pink and one white bleeding heart, and many more spring delights.  The lively colors of spring are heralded further by the burst of yellow from the forsythia, probably, like the wisteria, over 100 years old, and then complimented in May by the antique roses that have lived here for perhaps 150 years.

I know I am very blessed to have inherited all this love, this color, this vibrancy, when I bought my home almost fifteen years ago.  As I look at my home and garden through the seasons all I can think is, “A happy person lives here!”

That is especially true in spring.

I hope your spring is as joyful, colorful, and exuberant as mine!

All the best,


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