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The last time I blogged, we were bracing for Hurricane Sandy, and some people, who shall remain nameless, thought I was going a little overboard in my preparations.  I’ll say this–they later thanked me for stocking up on canned goods and water!   Anyway, I hope everyone fared well during the storm.  Aside from no power, minor damage, and a household of sick people, we made out okay.

Since I had been so prepared, my Nook was fully charged, and I had batteries in my book-light.   I read several books and I’m here to reveal some of my favorites.  First, I read The Witness by Nora Roberts.  It’s a romantic suspense of four hundred and eighty-eight pages.  The heroine witnesses an event that changes her life forever.  I have never read a book of Nora’s that I didn’t like, and this one was no exception.   Then I read a couple of more books that were mediocre until I dived into Lisa Scottoline’s Daddy’s Girl.  Lisa spoke at a New Jersey Romance Writers Conference a few years back and I had bought this book.  Since then, I have read others of hers that I truly enjoyed, but I must have forgotten about this one.  Anyway, Daddy’s Girl was the best thriller I’ve read in ages.  The main character, Nat, is a law professor who happens to visit a prison on the day a riot breaks out and someone dies.  She becomes suspect number one and spends most of the book trying to prove her innocence.  Loved it!

After the storm and all the devastation, I’m not sure what possessed me, but I started to purge and organize my house.  Maybe because so people lost everything, I decided my family has entire too much stuff.  So I attacked my To-Be-Read piles of books.  First, I pulled out several I knew I would probably never read.  In addition to some books I had already decided needed to be donated, I made a separate bag of other books and gave them to a friend.  She is an avid and quick reader, so I asked her to return to me any books that she designated spectacular-must-reads.

Next, I searched for holiday themed books and found three.  I read Holiday Hideout, a collection of novellas, the common thread being a rental cabin that seems to spark romances between couples.  Vicki Lewis Thompson wrote about Thanksgiving, Jill Shalvis, about Christmas, and Julie Kenner about New Year’s.  All were enjoyable, cute and sexy stories.

Now my immediate reading list plan includes the two holiday romances I found buried in my piles, Robin Carr’s Bring Me Home for Christmas and Lakeshore Christmas by Susan Wiggs, and newer titles Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, The Time Keeper by Mitch Albom for my bookclub, Take Me Home by Nancy Herkness, and Jane Porter’s The Good Woman.  This novel is part of the Brennan Sisters Trilogy.

I’m so looking forward to reading all these selections under the twinkling lights of my Christmas tree.

Happy Holidays,



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I have many old books in my house.
Some are the Nancy Drews, Judy Boltons, Cherry Ames and other girls’ series books I grew up reading.  These books introduced me to young women solving mysteries and having adventures. They whisked me away to exciting places where the villains were always caught. They actually sparked my desire to become a writer, and I will always keep and treasure these books. They are in a special glass-doored bookcase and although I rarely reread them now, I often look at them fondly.
Then there are the adult books I grew up with–especially the “gothic” romances by Phyllis A. Whitney, Mary Stewart, and Victoria Holt. I can even remember the first books I read by each author (in order: Black Amber, Thunder on the Right and Mistress of Mellyn). These books are treasured as well.
And of course there are plenty of books in my home by favorite authors–new and old. favorites for many years like Heather Graham, Nora Roberts, Julia Quinn, and Barbara Michaels/Elizabteh Peters; new favs like Sandra Hill, Beth Ciotta and Judi Fennell. And tons of other books I’ve enjoyed!
When I was younger I reread my favorites, but I don’t often reread books anymore. There are so many new ones to try.
My bookshelves are overflowing but I have a lot of trouble getting rid of books. I never throw them away–I give them to friends or the library if I didn’t care for them or just know there’s no chance of reading them again. I actually find it easier to give away books I haven’t read.  The one time I actually threw out a book, was a text book from grad school that was almost impossible to read it was so confusing!
With so many books overflowing on my bookshelves, I am considering getting a Kindle or Nook. I have put it off because I do so love holding a book. I can’t imagine that holding an electronic device, even with the same words, would be quite as satisfactory. But I suppose I will bow to the inevitable at some point and buy one.
For those of you who have one, what do you think? Do you still buy actual print books? And do you find reading from a device detracts from the reading experience? And do you ever go back and reread old favorites?

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Roni Denholotz

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